How to download deep links to sections within your guides

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Touch Stay digital guidebooks are designed to help you reduce guest questions, but it's also a tool to help you respond to questions quickly and efficiently when they arise.  

By downloading the links to each of the Categories, Subcategories or Topics in your guidebook, you (and your team if you have one), have a quick and easy way to send the answer to your guest's question where it sits in your guidebook - just find the link in the spreadsheet and send it on.  

  • It shows the guest how easy it is to find information and gets them using your guidebook 
  • It helps your team find answers if they're unsure or are new

How to:

  • Go to the Guides page 
  • Click the grey Downloads button
  • Find Get Deep Links for sections of your guides, click Download
  • Select which links you want to download and in which format (.csv or .xlsx)
  • Your download will happen immediately

Troubleshooting Safari

We’ve had some reports of Safari blocking the download as a “pop-up”, keep an eye on your browser address bar when using the download action and be sure to approve any pop-up blocker messages. If you still have issues, then please contact support.


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