How to share your guidebook with guests via your SuperControl account

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

If you’re a SuperControl customer, you can insert a Quick Share link to the relevant guidebook into your automated communications with guests. Guests will receive the link in scheduled emails that SuperControl already manages for you.

It’s a really easy way of ensuring that your guests get the right info, about the right property, at the right time, without you having to manually share your guidebook for each new booking.

Here’s how to do it:

Create a short code field for your Touch Stay guidebook.

Log into your SuperControl account and go to Properties > Custom Fields.

Type “Touch Stay Guidebook Link” into the field name, and make it a single line field.

Insert your Quick Share link.

Once you’ve created this custom field, you will have a box in each property record where you can paste the Quick Share link for the relevant guide. 

You’ll find the box in your SuperControl property record by going to the relevant property and then clicking the “web details” subtab, and then the “custom fields” subtab. 

You’ll see a box for the guidebook link (this is the custom field that you just created). Paste in the property’s Quick Share link. Here’s how to access all of your property Quick Shares.

Insert the short code into your email templates.

Once you’ve added all the links into your SuperControl property records, you now need to use the short code in your email templates. This SuperControl article explains how to do so. Just follow it from Step 4 onwards.

Schedule your emails.

We suggest creating three emails in the SuperControl email system:

  • The first, shortly after booking confirmation.
  • Another, much closer to your guests’ stay, for example 7 days prior to their arrival.
  • A third and final, 24 hours prior to their arrival. 

Each email would introduce/remind the guest about the guidebook.

Overkill? Not at all. Guests are guests (we know, we’ve all been one!): we don’t always pay attention or read the first time. And it pays for both you and your guest if they use the guide. So remind them a few times.

We know you’ve got loads on, so here are three suggested templates to help you to format your emails. 

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