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Pricing and Subscriptions

Where do I find out about pricing?

Pricing for the various subscription options can be found on the pricing page of our website.

Alternatively, if you have signed up for an account you can go to the profile settings wheel on the top right hand corner of your Touch Stay account and click Manage Billing. From the Billing page, click the Activate Now! button you’ll be presented with all the subscription options available to you. If you’re not ready to subscribe right away then you can simply close that screen.


If you have any specific questions, or need help with pricing, then please reach out to one of the support team on support@touchstay.com or by using the contact form in your account.

How is the charge calculated when I upgrade my subscription?

Upgrades to subscriptions will result in a prorated charge being made to your credit card and then the new full subscription rate will be charged on your usual subscription plan renewal date. The prorated charge will be based on the number of days left on your current plan at the difference between the 2 daily rates.

For example: you are on a 1 property paid annually plan at $99, with a start date of 1st January 2023. On 20th May 2023 you upgrade to a 2 property paid annually plan at $150. You will be charged immediately for the upgrade on the remaining 225 days of your plan year at the difference between the daily rates for a prorated charge of $31.44*. Then, on the 1st January each subsequent year, your plan will renew at $150.

* $150-$99 = $51 rate difference. $51 / 365 x 225 = $31.44

What do I do if I want to cancel or downgrade my account?

If you want to cancel your subscription completely or downgrade your account then please send us a message through the support tab or email us directly at support@touchstay.com and we’ll process your request.

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