Types of information that can be added to Touch Stay

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Topics hold the main content of your guide book in Touch Stay. Topics can be created manually or be based on Google Places and there is also a special Weather Widget topic. You can add formatted text, including inline images, a main image or video and a TripAdvisor review badge to every standard topic. Google Place topics will automatically include the address, contact details, website, opening hours and review stars (subject to availability of Google Place data) and a location pin to your map tab. You can add manual location pins for other topics.

The following links provide more detail on the different types of content:

Notable exceptions and limitations:

  • You can’t upload documents, such as PDF or Word, directly into Touch Stay but you can link to them, see this article for further details.
  • You can only have a single video for each topic. Multiple photos can be added by inserting them into the text body using the image icon in the text entry box toolbar. 
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