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Touch Stay integrates with Avantio to import your accommodations and then automate the sending of invitations for confirmed bookings. If you don’t have a Touch Stay account yet then you can sign up here for a free 14-day trial. Once you have a Touch Stay account, then follow the steps below.

Login to your account

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Step 1. Connect your accounts

First, you need to authorise your Touch Stay account with Avantio and will need an API login and password for this. Avantio support can provide you with your API credentials, reach out to Avantio support and ask for an API login and password to connect to Touch Stay. 

Once you have your API credentials from Avantio, head to the Account page within your Touch Stay account, go to the Integrations tab and click “Connect” underneath the Avantio logo. Paste your API username and password into the boxes and click Save.

Step 2. Match Guides

Once authorised, you can match any existing Touch Stay guides to your Avantio accommodations. Use the drop-downs to select the correct Avantio accommodation for each Touch Stay guide. When complete, click “Match Selected”. If you don’t have any to match, then just click “Skip”.


Step 3. Import Units

If you have any remaining unmatched units from Avantio then the next screen allows you to import those into Touch Stay. Simply check the ones you want to import and click the “Import Selected” button. If you don’t want to import any, or don’t have any remaining, then just click “Skip” whilst leaving the selections blank. 


Touch Stay will import the following:

  • Accommodation Name
  • Accommodation Address
  • Accommodation Location

Each accommodation imported will create a new Touch Stay guide.

Step 4. Check Your Content

Matching or importing rentals won’t automatically sync reservations from Avantio, so now is the time to check the content of your welcome books and make sure they’re in tip-top shape and ready to share with your guests.

If you’re new to Touch Stay then check out the Getting Started page for hints and tips on the quickest way to build out your welcome book content.

Step 5. Set up your Message Templates

To send out messages to guests from bookings that come from Avantio you’ll first need to create some message templates using Memo. The bookings from Avantio will then follow your message workflow and any default settings as defined by the templates that you create.

See the Memo help articles for how to add message templates and create a notification journey for your guests.

Step 6. Sync and Forget!

Once your welcome books are ready and Memo message templates are in place then you can start syncing with Avantio.

The sync settings can be found on the Integrations tab under the Settings option for Avantio, select “Reservation Sync Settings”.


Here you can choose whether to import all your future reservations or have Touch Stay only import new reservations. If you are new to Touch Stay then choose “All reservations”. If you are already a user of Touch Stay messaging before you connect your Avantio account, then it’s best to choose “New reservations only” to prevent duplicate reservations being imported.

Next, select the booking type statuses you want to be imported, this can be “Confirmed” bookings, fully “Paid” bookings or both.

Finally, choose the guides to start syncing by using the checkboxes (note the “Select All” option at the bottom left) and click Submit.

If you have selected “All reservations” then all your future dated bookings from Avantio will now be imported and will generate invitations and schedule email or SMS messages based on the booking details and your Touch Stay message templates. All future bookings for Avantio units matched to Touch Stay guides with the sync active will also now be imported automatically. 

How to connect custom field codes with Avantio

You can connect custom field codes created in Touch Stay to additional fields through the Avantio integration. This will then mean any values/data for these fields set in Avantio will pass into Touch Stay and can be added to your Memo message templates and guide content. The available fields are as follows:

  • Check-in Schedule (data type: Text)
  • Check-out Schedule (data type: Text)
  • Booking Code (data type: Number)

To connect any of these fields to Touch Stay head to the Integrations tab and within the Avantio Settings select “Custom Field Mapping”.


Next, click on the “+ New Custom Field” button:


From here you can select the Avantio field to connect, choose a name for your custom field code and any substitute value. Substitute values are used in the case of data missing when the field code is used, see this article for more detail about field codes. 

Once the custom fields have been created, then any future bookings which sync from Avantio will have the relevant data automatically populated on the invitation record. That data will then show in your Memo messages or guide content wherever you have placed the custom field code.


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