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Can I create a branded Quick Share custom link to my guide?

If you dislike the rather long and jumbled up Quick Share link you might find the below information helpful. At present we don’t offer the ability for you to brand your URL but never say never. In the meantime, here are some effective alternative approaches.

QR Codes

QR codes have been around forever. You know those funny looking images that you point your camera at to access a website page? That’s them! It used to be that you needed to download a QR code reader app before you could access the website behind the code. Not any more! Most phones these days allow you to point your camera at the code and it opens the website page. Beyond simple.

Like this. Open your camera and point it at the code!


You can find a simple QR code to your guide on the Invite & Share tab or if you want to add a bit more design flourish we really like QR Code Monkey (that’s how we created the above code): https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/

Just copy the long hub link into the URL box, optionally play with the colours, logo and design, then click to create the code. You can then download it and place it on your website, add to to a poster, create a small printed card, etc.

You might like to have a look at point #5 on this article we wrote about QR codes being used in holiday/vacation homes: https://touchstay.com/self-check-in/

Create a Shortened URL

Using a website like https://bitly.com/ you can paste the long hub link and it will generate a short version. Try it and see, it’s dead easy! Whilst it’s not branded and still is a string of characters, it is much much shorter.

Redirect URL

Sounds hideous but it’s a really simple and quick task for anyone who has access to their website hosting platform. The major ones like GoDaddy, WP Engine, etc all have a redirect feature. It’s nothing more than redirecting a URL to another URL.

For example, redirect touchstay.com/demo to https://hub.touchstay.com/guest/Z7yWBy_irA38Y/

Then use your newly created redirect URL (in the case above that’s touchstay.com/demo) instead of the long “tokenised” hub URL. In fact, if you click on touchstay.com/demo you’ll see exactly how it works. It takes you to the hub URL.

You could add anything to the end of your URL, for example: yourwebsite.com/guest-guide OR /guidebook OR /app OR /beach-retreat-guide and so on. Hopefully you get the point!