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Every Touch Stay guidebook consists of a 3 level structure to help you organise your guide into sections that make it easy for your guests to find the information they need about your property. The three levels are of Categories, Subcategories and Topics which can be managed in Content Hub. This article will help you understand how to use these 3 levels as you build your guide

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Article content:

  • Explaining your guidebook structure
  • Renaming a Category, Subcategory or Topic
  • Reordering a Category, Subcategory or Topic
  • Adding new Categories, Subcategories or Topics
  • VIDEO: Adding Categories, Subcategories and Topics

Explaining your guidebook structure

  • Level 1: Categories are the top level and create the menu headers in the guide
  • Level 2: Subcategories sit within each category and create the subheadings in the guide
  • Level 3: Topics sit within each subcategory. This is where you can add photos, text, google places, videos etc.

Content Hub is where you create and manage your Categories, Subcategories and Topics so the content will flow through into each guide. 

Editing and adding a Category, Subcategory or Topic

To edit a Category or add a Subcategory, click the three white dots on the righthand side of the Category box and choose the option you need:


To edit a Subcategory or add a Topic, click the three black dots on the righthand side of the Subcategory box and choose the option you need:

Renaming a category, Subcategory or Topic

You can rename any Category, Subcategory or Topic by clicking on the name or the edit pencil icon that will appear when you hover over it:


Reordering a Category, Subcategory or Topic

To reorder a Category, Subcategory or Topic, click and hold on the 6 grey dots on the lefthand side of the box to drag and drop the sections where you want to put them:

  • You can move Categories up and down to adjust the order they will show up to your guests on their homescreen. All of the Subcategories and Topic within them will also be moved
  • You can move a Subcategory to re-order it within a Category. The Topics in that Subcategory will move with it
  • You can move a Topic from one Subcategory to another. Topics can be moved independently from the Subcategories to it is easy to re-order them and move them around

Adding new Categories, Subcategories and Topics:

You can add as many new Categories, Subcategories, or Topics as you like. There is no limit and there are over 80 default Topics to choose from based on the original guode template you are using.

Remember: all of the Category, Subcategory and Topic content is managed in Content Hub. If you have multiple guides you can send information in those sections to different guides using Tags , Visibility rules and Customisations. 

VIDEO: Adding Categories, Subcategories and Topics

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