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How to add a new guide

To add a new guide to your account, go to the All Guides page and click the '+ Add Guide' button on the top righthand side.



On the next screen you can upload a cover photo, select Tags to link existing Master Content from Content Hub and finally, choose an existing guide to copy your custom fonts & colours from. (Note: you can always come back and adjust these later in the Guide Details page).


If this is your first time adding a new guide then the following articles are recommended:

  1. If the new guide will be similar to your first guide and can use mostly the same content, see this article: Adding new guides from a single core template
  2. If your new guide will be quite different and need new content, then see this article: Adding new guides with multiple templates of content
  3. If you are unsure which of the above applies to you, then start with this article: Some examples on how best to set up Tags