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How to add videos

The first thing to note is that we do not host videos on Touch Stay, we only embed them from other sources. Videos need to be available on either YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia to be used in Touch Stay. Simply copy the share URL from the video sharing platform into the video upload box and you will then be able to add that video to your Topics. Note that you must have the privacy settings on your video set to allow public access, if you do not want your video to be returned in search results for YouTube then select “Unlisted” (do not select “Private” otherwise only you will be able to view it!).

  1. Go to the “Edit Topic” option by clicking the edit pencil next to the topic title in Content Hub, or found in the 3 dots menu for the topic where you want the video to display.
  2. Next, click on the “Add Media” option underneath the main text entry box.
  3. Select the “New Photo/Video from URL” option and then paste the share link from the video sharing service into the box and click Submit.