How to add your own content in additional languages

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Google Translate not accurate or precise enough? Translate your guidebook for guests using your own text translations. Currently we support Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Greek, Welsh, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Bulgarian and Romanian.


When using the Multi-Language option, you just need to add your own translated text to your Categories, Sub-categories and Topics. Touch Stay automatically translates navigation elements, such as the “Get Started” button and map tab filters. 

1 . To turn on the Multi-Language option, log in, click on the Account tab, click on the Settings page and then click Multi-Laguage.


Now the text entry boxes for each of your Categories, Sub-categories and Topics will have a new tabs for each of the languages you have chosen so you can enter your translated text:


2 . Next, you can choose which languages will be shown to your guests on each guidebook. Go to the Guides tab, select a guidebook, scroll down to Display Languages and use the checkboxes to activate each language:


Tip: You can keep a language turned off until you have completed your translations so they are only shown to guests once you have finished a your translations.

What your guests will see:

When sharing with guests, the language displayed to them will be their web browser’s default language, if that is a language that you have created translations for and chosen to display. Otherwise the English version will be used as default.

Guests can edit the language they see by selecting the globe icon on the HOME tab when using your guidebook:


Note: Any Memo message templates will have the same tabs for language as any other text or content boxes. When creating invitations you can select the language of the guest and the message will be sent using your content in that language. 

If you would like a language that we don’t currently support then please send us a support message with your request.

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