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How to change the fonts or colours used in the guide

Main Content Fonts and Colours

Go to the Guide Details tab (click on your guide name on the Guides list page), scroll down to the “Customise Colours & Fonts” section and click on the “Customise Guide Book” button:


Here you will find options to choose from a selection of fonts and also update the colour choices for the navigation bar, icons and menu text.  Make your changes before then hitting the Save button. 

Note there is also a checkbox to “Apply settings to all guides” which is handy if you have multiple books and want them all to have the same settings.

Similarly, there is a “Copy settings from another guide” button:


When making changes it may be worth having your guide preview open in another browser tab so that you can refresh the page and see your changes after you’ve saved them.

Cover Page (Home tab) Font Colour

The font colour on the home tab is white by default but can be changed to black if that works better with your cover photo. You can also apply an overlay to the cover photo to darken or lighten the image to improve the contrast with the text. The “Cover image overlay” setting determines both of these, a black overlay will have a white font and will darken your cover page image. A white overlay will have a black font and will lighten the cover image. You use the “Overlay transparency” dropdown to adjust the intensity of the overlay, we usually find between 20-40% gives a good balance.

Topic Content Font Formatting

There are additional options to format fonts including colours, headers and justification within the content of topics by using the options found in the Edit Topic toolbar.