How to create an invitation to view your guide

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Memo allows you to send email and/or SMS notifications to guests inviting them to view your guide. The first step is to create your message templates – see this article for help with that. Once you’ve created your message templates and set up your notification journey, you can create your invitations. Creating your invitations will trigger Memo to start sharing the relevant message templates with your guests.

Invitations can be created from both Invitations tab on the Memo page, and the “Invite & Share” tab on each Guide page. Click on the “Invite by Email” button and then fill in the form with:

  • the contact details of the person you want to invite
  • their access dates & lead time
  • any custom fields

You will then be presented with the message schedule for this person based on your message templates which have matching criteria.

On this screen, you can edit both the message templates themselves, and the message schedule as a whole.

  • To edit or remove messages, select the 3 dots menu to the right of each message.
  • To edit the invitation details, use the “Edit Invitation Details” button at the top right
  • To add new messages to this person’s schedule, select “Add Email Message” or “Add SMS Message” from below.

Once you’re happy that the invitation details and messages are correct click “Submit”. Memo will now schedule all the messages and send them out on your chosen day and time.

You can check the status of each message by heading back to your Invitations tab, selecting the 3 dots menu to the right-hand side of the invitation, and choosing “View/Edit”. 

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