How to create draft topics or hide a topic from view

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

You may want to hide topics from your guest view but not delete them. For example, you have a seasonal rental with skiing activities in the winter and walking/mountain biking in the summer, or maybe you have a draft topic that’s not finished yet so you don’t want it to display.

You can prevent topics from showing in your welcome book guest view by deactivating any tags for that topic in Content Hub. If you are on a single property account then you will have just the green “All Guides” tag (on older accounts this may say “Tag 1”) active for every topic in Content Hub. By going to the Edit Topic options and clicking the green “All Guides” (or “Tag 1”) icon in the Tags section it will become greyed out and be deactivated for that topic. Once saved that topic will no longer show on your welcome book guest view. When the topic is ready to display, just reactivate the Tag icon again through the Edit Topic option and that topic will then show on the guest view.


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