How to edit message templates

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

You can edit your message templates at any time but please be very careful if changing the schedule or criteria as that may affect existing invitations based on the template and change who or when the template will be used. If you don’t want your changes to affect any existing invitations and only apply to new invitations then you should create a new template instead and archive the old one. You can copy any existing template to retain the content if you are changing the schedule or criteria and don’t want it to affect your current invitations.

To edit a message template use the 3 dots menu for the template and select “View/Edit”. If you want to create a copy of a template then you’ll find the “Copy” option in the same 3 dots menu.

Updating the Content

Updating the message template content will apply to all invitations using this template which have not yet been sent out, unless you have changed the content to be custom for an invitation. Any custom messages on invitations will keep their changes and not be affected by changes to the source template content.

Updating the Schedule

Changing the schedule will update the day and/or time of the message being sent and will affect all messages using this invitation which have not yet been sent out.

Updating the Criteria

Changing the criteria of your template will update the rules of when this template will be applied and will affect all messages using this invitation which have not yet finished (i.e. the Departure/End Date on the invitation is in the future). Please be extremely careful when changing the criteria, this has the potential to affect your existing invitations and change the messages due to be received on them. If you have any doubts then leave the criteria as they are and create a new template with new criteria. If you have any questions or need any advice then contact support.

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