How to embed a Jotform in your guide

4 min. readlast update: 01.23.2024

Drop a Jotform into any section of your Touch Stay guidebook to capure data, offer services and upsell to your guests.

Video: How to add a Jotform to your Touch Stay guide

Step by step: How to add a Jotform to your Touch Stay guide

New Custom Elements can be created from the "Custom Elements" tab of the Account page. Use the New Custom Element option.


Next, select Jotform as the Third Party Service. This will prepopulate a Custom element code name but you can change this to something more descriptive if you prefer. This is the short code that you will ultimately insert into your topic content where you want the form to show.

You now need to copy the direct share link for your Jotform. This can be found under the PUBLISH settings, in the QUICK SHARE tab. Use the COPY LINK option and then paste into the Jotform link box in your Touch Stay Custom Element and click Save.




Your Custom Element is now ready and the final step is to insert the code into your topic content where you want the form to be displayed.

Head to Content Hub and find/add the topic you wish to include your Jotform within. In the text entry box toolbar for the topic there is an option for Custom Elements. Place your cursor where you would like the form to be present in the topic, it can be used standalone or have regular topic content (regular text or images) before or after. Click the Custom Elements option in the toolbar and then select your custom element code name from the dropdown and click Insert.




This will place your custom element field code into your topic content and when you preview the guide it will be replaced by your chosen form.

Trouble Shooting FAQs

My link isn't being accepted when creating my custom element, what should I do?

If your link isn't being accepted then the most likely reason is that it's the wrong link option. Jotform offers a wide range of sharing options and we need the most basic share link to your form as shown in the screenshots above. Double check you are using the basic direct link for your form. If this still doesn't work, or you can't find it in your Jotform account, then please contact support and send us a ascreenshot of the Jotform share options that are available to you.

My form doesn't display fully or has lots of empty space beneath it, what should I do?

The Jotform wil be added to your guide using what's known in web development as an iframe. This technique creates a window in your guide to the Jotform. However, the window isn't able to detect the size of the source Jotform and you may wish to adjust the height of the window to better match your form. This can be done by editing the custom element from the Custom Elements tab of the Account page. Use the 3 dots menu and select View/Edit, then adjust the height value accordingly. You may find it useful to have your guide preview open in a spearate tab so you can refresh the page after changing the height in case it needs further adjustment.




Can I have a different variation of the form for each of my guides?

Yes, you can set a different value for the link for each guide in your account. This could be useful if you have a Jotform with parameters to prefill values such as your property name or id. The guide specific value of any custom element can be added from the Guide Details tab for each guide. Towards the bottom of the tab is a Guide Custom Elements section, use the Edit button and within here any value for the link and height that you set will apply to this guide only. Note this option is only available if you have more than 1 guide in your account.


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