How to improve the contrast on the cover page if the text is hard to read

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

If the text on the cover page (Home tab) of your guide is hard to read over the top of your hero shot, then you can apply an overlay to the image to increase the contrast and make the text easier to read. This article shows you how to change the contrast at Account level (for all guides) and at guide level (for individual guides)

How to change the contrast of the guide cover page at Account level

To change the cover page contrast for all of your guides go to the Account tab and then the Branding page. Click Edit on the Cover Font Colour & Image Overlay section. Here you can change the cover image overlay text colour from white to black and change the overlay transparency percentage. The higher the percentage number, the higher the effect of the overlay to darken or lighten your image depending on the overlay colour you have chosen. We usually find between 20-40% gives a good balance. 



How to change the contrast of the guide cover page for individual guides

Go to the Guides tab and click on the name of the guide where you want to change the cover page contrast. On the Guide Details page click Edit on the Guide Cover Details section. To change the cover image overlay or overlay transparency for this guide only, click No on the Use account level overlay settings. This opens up a box so you can change the settings for this guide only. Click Save to save your changes.


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