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How to remove the address field from the cover page

On the guest view cover page (Home tab) of your guide, above the “Get Started” button, is a free text area. By default it displays your guide address. This can be removed / deleted, or replaced by any text you want, up to 100 characters.

On the Guide Details page, the second section from the top is called “Guide Cover Details”, click the Edit button on the right hand side.

To remove the address, select No on the Display Address toggle. You can now add customer text to go in this space or simply leave it blank.


A few ideas for the text you can put here are below but remember- the text is limited to 100 characters!

Custom cover text ideas:

  • WiFi is 765TYS. The MAP tab below has the property address (click the blue house)
  • This guide has everything you could ever want to know. Just hit Get Started to find out!
  • Got a question? This welcome book has the answer! Don’t find what you need? We’re here.
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