How to set the reply-to email address on Memo message templates

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

You can set the reply-to email on your email message templates by including it as part of the from name. The format needs to follow the email standard, which is to wrap the reply-to email with mark-up tags: < >. The content you add before the reply-to email will remain as the visible from name. For example:


The person who receives the email would see the name that the email is from as “John Doe” and if they used the reply button then the email would be sent to

Tip: you can use the {{guide_contact_email}} field code as the reply-to email address to have the email automatically be the same as the contact email address on the cover of your guidebook. If using the field code, be sure to still add the mark-up tags: <{{guide_contact_email}}>

If you use one of our pre-written templates then the reply-to address will be set to the {{guide_contact_email}} field code.

If you don’t include a reply-to email address then the email reply will go to 

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