How to update the Access Level for sections of the guide

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

You can update the Access Level for any content at Topic level, Subcategory level or Category level. You can also set the Access Level for the address on the homepage and location map.


Update individual Topics in Content Hub by clicking the padlock icons in the Access Level column to toggle the status. 

A locked padlock is Limited Access:


An unlocked padlock is Unlimited Access:


Subcategories & Categories

Update the Access Level for entire Subcategories and Categories by using the option in the 3 dots menu for the relevant Subcategory or Category. 

Address and Map

Update the address and map Access Level from the Guide Details tab, use the Edit option for the “Guide / Property Address & Location” section. At the bottom is a dropdown to set the Access Level for that guide.

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