How to update the contact details displayed to your guests/users

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Adding contact details to your guide is optional but it's a great way to ensure your guests know how to contact you when they need to. You can add a name/greeting, email address, phone number and choice of phone, SMS text message or Whatsapp as your preferred contact method.

How to apply Account level contact details

Click on the Account tab on the menu bar and go to the Branding page. Click Edit on the Guide Cover Details section and add your contact information so guests know how to reach you. Click Save.


How to add different contact details for each guide

If you want to have the same contact details for all of your guides then use the steps above. These are your account level contact details and will be applied to all of your guides.

If you want to have different contact details for different guides you can do that easily. Go to the Guides tab and click on the name of the guide you want to edit the contact details for. This takes you to the Guide Details page. Click Edit next to the Guide Cover Details section. 


Here you can click No on the Use account level contact details toggle. This opens up a box so you can add contact details unique for this guide here. This can be done in the same way for all the guides you may want to have unique contact details for.

 This will not override the account level settings- those will still be applied to any guide that has this setting toggled to Yes - but it means you can edit each guide to have individual contact details.


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