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How to update the logo or mobile device icon

The logo/avatar

This sits at the top of the Home tab of your guide. The logo can be a photo, or your business logo file, and must be in .png or .jpg format. We recommend dimensions being between 50 and 200px.

💡 TOP TIP: we get people asking how to add a round logo or circular logo, instead of it being square or rectangular. The answer is that you’ll get the option to make it round ONLY if the logo you upload is perfectly square. If it’s not perfectly square then adding a round effect on it would look, well, weird! So make sure it’s exactly square when you upload it. Better still, create a round logo using something like canva.com and then upload that. This is the option you’ll see after you’ve uploaded it. Just select Circular Border. 


The icon/favicon

This has 2 functions. Firstly, it is the home screen icon when your guests add the guide to their mobile device. Secondly, it is the favicon for the browser tab when viewing your book on a desktop/laptop. The icon must be in .png or .jpg format and we recommend a square image of 192x192px.

If you have only one guide, or multiple guides but want the same logo and icon to be used for all of them, then you can update these from the Edit Profile section of the Account page.


If you have multiple guides and want different logos and icons on them, then you must update the details individually from each Guide Details (click on your guide name from the Guides list page) page.

  1. Choose the Edit option for the Guide Cover Details section, just under the cover photos.
  2. Uncheck the “Use account level logo and icon” box
  3. Upload the logo and icon files you want to use and Save. These will then display only on the guide you are making the changes.