How to update the logo or mobile device icon

2 min. readlast update: 04.22.2024

Your logo sits centrally on the Home tab of your guidebook. The logo can be a photo, or your business logo to highlight your business branding. The mobile device icon (favicon) is the home screen icon guests will see when they add your guide to their mobile device.

How to change your logo or favicon at Account level 

Click on the Account tab on the menu bar and go to the Branding page. Click Edit on the Logo & Icons section to add or change your logo or favicon. The image files must be in .png or .jpg format. We recommend dimensions being between 50 and 200px for the logo and a square image of 192x192px for the favicon.

On this page you can also choose the Map home pin icon. This is the icon that will represent your property on your guide map. Choose the icon that best suits your property type from one of the 10 available options.



💡 TOP TIP: we get people asking how to add a round logo or circular logo, instead of it being square or rectangular. You can take your existing logo and use a too like to crop it to a circle, save as an image file and then upload that.

How to change your logo or favicon for an individual guide

Go to the Guides tab and click on the name of the guide where you want to change your logo and favicon. On the Guide Details page click Edit on the Guide Branding section. To change the logo or favicon for this guide only, click No on the Use account level logo & icon settings toggle. This opens up a box so you can change the settings for this guide only. Click Save to save your changes.






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