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Meta Title and Description settings explained

Meta Data

Each Guide will have a meta-title and meta-description included. This text doesn’t show in the regular view but will be used by search engines and link previews on social media sites and instant messaging. You can update the standard meta-title and meta-description for your Guides at the Account level, to affect all your Guides, or at the Guide level, to override the Account level Settings on a per Guide basis. The standard meta-title and meta-description are as follows:

Meta-title: {{guide_name}} Guest Guidebook | Touch Stay

Meta-description: Welcome to {{guide_name}} . This guidebook is intended to help you get the most out of your stay. Everything you need to know, from the property to the surrounding area, is here at the touch of a button. Think of it like your own personal travel guide!

You can update both of these to your own text. The Account Settings page options will update all of your guides at once, or find the options on the individual Guide Details tab for more granularity.

When updating the meta text, you can include your guide name as a short code, this will then populate the guide name in place of the short code in the meta text. This is particularly useful when updating the Account level settings so that the meta text is customised to each guide. The short code to use is {{guide_name}} – it must be EXACTLY this code with both the curly brackets and should NOT contain your actual guide/property name, use the code EXACTLY as {{guide_name}} and it will then populate automatically.


As standard all Touch Stay guides have a “no_index” flag in the meta data. This tells search engines, such as Google or Duck Duck Go, not to index them or return them in search results. Note that we never make any guide links public but if you, or one of your guests, posts a link to your guide on a social media site, or any other website, then Google and other search engines will find it.

If you are adding your Touch Stay guide to your own website and are happy for Google and other search engines to find it and return it in search results then you can switch off the “no_index” flag.

This setting is not available at the account level and must be done on a per guide basis through the “Meta Title and Description” options on the Guide Details tab.

WARNING: If you decide to index your guide and later change your mind it is not an instant process for your guide to no longer be available through Google search. Please use this option with caution and only if you are confident of the impact it will have. If you are unsure at all, then we recommend not changing the default setting.