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My credit card keeps getting refused!

We are based in London, UK so your bank may be refusing the charge if it’s an overseas payment. Please contact your card issuer to ask why they are not permitting the charge. If they cannot see any attempted charges from Touch Stay then send us a message through the support tab in your account and we’ll investigate.

It's also worth checking that your card hasn't expired or that there are sufficient funds or credit limit. It may sound obvious but this is sometimes the issue.

How to update your credit card or debit card payment details

To update the credit card or debit card details for your subscription payment, go the Account page and click on the “Open Billing Portal” button:


Here you can add a new payment card and set it to the be the default for your subscription.

If there is no “Open Billing Portal” button in your account then you are most likely on our manual billing, please contact support and we’ll check and let you know how to change your card.