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What is a Rating Topic?

It’s a special type of topic that allows you to collect a star rating and contact details from people using your guide. This could be used for guests to rate your place, their experience of staying with you or any services that you provide.

An example Rating Topic and how it appears in the guest view is shown here:


When a guest completes the rating and submits the form an email will be sent to your nominated email address with the details of the submission.

How do I include a Rating Topic in my guide?

You add a Rating Topic to your guides from Content Hub, it’s one of the choices in the “Add Topic” option found in the 3 dots menu, or in the bar at the bottom, of the Subcategory where you want the topic to appear.

The topic name, description, photo/video, tags and access level are exactly the same as a regular topic.

Enter the email address that you would like the email with details of the submission sent to (note you can add more than one email recipient).

Collecting email addresses for marketing

You can set whether you will use the collected contact details for marketing purposes. If you choose “Yes” then you will need to enter a link to your privacy policy so that we can share this in the topic with an opt-in checkbox. The legal status of using emails and phone numbers for marketing purposes varies widely across the world, be sure you have a suitable data privacy policy in place before collecting contact details for marketing.

How do I send / communicate this to my guests / users?

Good question! Unless you communicate this properly you’ll get very few people completing the rating. We suggest:

  1. Create a standalone automated email or sms that auto-sends the link to complete the rating
  2. Send it with your own system/process, or use Memo, our automated communication platform
  3. Include the deep link to the relevant topic in your guide (here’s how)
  4. Keep the message short, friendly and human (example wording below)
  5. Generate a QR code (here’s how) and place it on a card/plaque in your home

Example wording to communicate this effectively to your users / guests

If sending via email:

Hello Jane,
It’s your last day with us Please click this link and leave us a short rating about your experience. (5 being ‘everything was as we expected it’). We’re committed to maintaining the best possible standards so we’d love the opportunity to know how things were for you. And if everything was as expected, we look forward to receiving a 5-star rating 🙂
Thank you!

If sending via text/sms:

Hello Jane, hope your stay with us was as you expected! Pretty please leave us a 1-5 rating here. (5 signals all was well!). Thank you. John

How can I download all the collected responses?

There is an option to download all the responses to your rating topics from the Downloads section of the Guides page. You’ll find filters to choose the topics, guides and time period the download is for.

The download will indicate if permission was given by the user for their details to be used for marketing purposes. 

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