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What’s a PWA?

Touch Stay is a PWA. 🚀 

What the what?!

Chill. It’s really quite simple (and most cool). We haven’t invented this, though; you can thank people far smarter than us for that! But we are taking advantage of the nifty tech.

PWA is the acronym for Progressive Web App. It’s basically just technology within your web browser that allows a website to look and feel like an app from an app store but it’s still just a website.

Users of your guide will see a prompt to add the app icon to their home screen, but no download or sign in is required. It’ll place an app icon (just like all other app icons) on their phone. Once added to their device they get fast, easy access and that’s even when offline. If you’d like to see how it works on iPhone and Android (it differs slightly) then have a read of this short overview.

▶ For a more in-depth (but plain-speak!) overview of PWA tech, read this.

▶ And for a rundown of some cool brands using this clever tech, read this.