Adding a New Guide with a Single Template

1 min. readlast update: 06.19.2024

This video is for those who want to add a new guide that is mostly the same, or similar, to an existing guide.

When adding the new guide you’ll simply be applying the same template to it. The benefit of running off the same template means any future updates to that template will update all your guides at the same time. No more needing to manually copy/paste the same info across multiple guides!

And what if you don’t want the new guide to be exactly the same? What if there are a few differences, such as the WiFi code? Easy… you can customise the template for the things that do need to be unique on each guide.

The video walks you through how to do this. We suggest that you open it in a separate tab or window so you can pause as you work in your own account.



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