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Can I upload or attach a PDF or Word Document?

PDFs, Word documents and other fixed format types donโ€™t play very nicely with dynamic web content such as Touch Stay meaning you canโ€™t embed them directly.

However, if you save the file into a document storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive then you can link to that file, just the same as any other web link, as described here.

Dropbox and Google Docs are very easy to use but if you need any help then contact us at support@touchstay.com

There are a few other options too:

  1. Convert the manual from a PDF to jpeg images and upload each image as a topic.
  2. If the manual is mainly text, simply copy and paste the text into a topic. You can still add a photos to topic as normal.
  3. Find a VIDEO that could replace the manual, and then also link to the manual in the topic.