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Customisations explained

Customisations override the Master Content created in Content Hub and make it easy to manage customise property specific content for different guides.

Article content:

  • VIDEO: How to use Customisations for your second guide
  • Creating a Customisation directly in Content Hub
  • Creating a Customisation in the Guide Content tab
  • Removing a Customisation

Video: How to usee Custoisations for your second guide

This video explains how to use Customisations when adding a second guide but also gives a good overview of how Customisations work, no matter how many guides you have.

Creating a Customisation directly in Content Hub

1 . Go to Content Hub and scroll down to a Topc. Click the 3 dots on the right and choose the Edit Topic option.


2 . Scroll down to the bottom of the Topic and click the Add Custom Text button. Then click on the guide that you want to add the Customistion to.

3 . Edit the Topic information with the information you want to show just for this property and click Save & Go Back, to go back to Content Hub. If you click Save, you will be taken to the Guide Content page for the guide you just added a Customisation to. Either is fine.

4 . With either option you will get a pop-up box checking if you are sure you want to create a Customisation. Click Save and close the pop-up.

You have now changed this Topic information just for this property without changing it for any others. Amazing! You can now see your Customisation in Content Hub. Come back here and click on the Custom Guide button to make any more changes if you need to.

The information or media you have added will now only be shown on the guide you added it to and has efectively overwritten the master content in Content Hub for this guide only. Note that the topic must still be made visible for this guide, either with an active Tag or Visibility Override.

Note: There are two different places to add a Cutomisation to a guide: Directly in Content Hub or from the Guide Content tab. Both are fine and have no impact on the Custom Content you are adding. The example above shows how to add a Cutomisaiton in Content Hub. To add a Cutomisation in the Guide Content tab:

Creating a Customisation directly in The Guide Content Tab

1 . Go to the Guides list page and click on the guide you want to add a Customisation to.


2 . Click on Guide Content tab


 3. Use the 3 dots menu for the Topic to choose Edit Topic and follow the same steps as above to add your custom content. 


Removing a customisation

If you want to remove a Customisation and revert back to the Master Content version in Content Hub you can do this any time. To delete a customisation, go to the relevant Guide Content tab and use the 3 dots to the right of the Topic to choose “Delete Custom Text” or “Delete Custom Media”.


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