How can I see if my users/guests are viewing my guides

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The Guides list page shows a view count for each of your guides. This value is the total views of the Quick Share link plus any invitation links for each guide. You can update the period the view count applies to from the “Views” drop-down at the top of the table. You can also apply the view count to the “Sort by” action, by finding the option in the drop-down, to see your most or least viewed guides.

To see a breakdown of the view count for the Quick Share link and individual invitations, go to the “Invite & Share” tab for your guide (click on the Guide name from the Guides page and then the “Invite & Share” tab).

The Quick Share link view count will be right beneath the link itself, and the period the view count applies to can be updated from the drop-down.

See this article for more details about creating invitation links.


The view count for each invitation can be seen in the Invitations table.



How can I see if a specific person has opened my guide

You can search for a person’s name in the “Invite and Share” tab. Just select this tab on the relevant guide, then scroll down to the Invitations table. Enter the person’s name into the “Search” bar in the top right corner of the table. This will show you the information related to that particular person, including how many times they have viewed their guide.

The table can be filtered to show only those invitations that have not yet been opened (i.e. have 0 views). If the view count remains 0 after you have sent messages to that person, you may wish to resend a message, see this article for help with that. The main reason for guides not being viewed is your message being caught by junk mail filters. Before resending any messages we’d recommend contacting the person to let them know to expect your message and link to your Touch Stay guide.


A few things to note:

  • A view is counted when the link is accessed from our server. If a person saves your guide to the home screen of their mobile device then they will be able to browse the content without always triggering extra view counts. For example, if they are simply switching between different open apps on their phone then this will not make any additional requests to our server and therefore it will not register additional views each time they switch back to your guide.
  • The Preview Guide link is the same as your Quick Share link and will register a view each time it is accessed.
  • If you delete an invitation from the “Invite & Share” tab then those view counts will also be deleted and no longer be included in your total views on the Guides list page.
  • The view counter for the Quick Share link was introduced on 1st June 2021 and only counts views from this date.
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