How to check if a message has been sent

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

To check if a message has been sent on an invitation, open the Message Schedule screen for the invitation and this will reveal the status of each message. If you wish to see if a person sent an invitation has viewed your guide, then see this article instead.

The Message Schedule screen is accessed from the Invitations table found on either the Memo page or the “Invite & Share” tab of each guide page. You can search for a person’s name using the search box and then use the 3 dots menu for the invitation and choose “View/Edit”.


The Message Schedule screen shows the schedule for each message and the current status. See below for an explanation of the statuses. You can resend a message, or force a future scheduled message to send immediately, by using the options found in the 3 dots menu for each message.


Message Statuses

  • Pending – a newly created message, this status will changed to Ready as soon as you click Submit. 
  • Ready – message is scheduled to send out. The message sending timer runs every 60 seconds. 
  • Sent – message has already been sent out and will have view access only, you can’t edit messages already sent. 
  • Error – an attempt was made to send the message but an error occurred. Contact support for assistance. 
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