How to edit an invitation by message

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Existing invitations can be edited to change the details of the person invited or to add or remove scheduled message. To edit an invitation, go to the “Invitations” tab of the Memo page or the “Invite & Share” tab of your guide page. Find the invitation you wish to edit (you can search using the search box at the top right of the invitation table), use the 3 dots menu and select “View/Edit”. Here you will see the current message schedule and the status of each message, see below for a description of the statuses. Each message will have a 3 dots menu with various options.


Editing the invitation details

Use the “Edit Invitation Details” button to edit the details of the invited person and any custom field codes. The changes you make will be reflected on any messages not yet sent out.

Note: If you use criteria on any of your message templates then be aware that changing the invitation details may change the messages that will be sent on this invitation.

Editing Message Content

Any messages not yet sent can be edited, use the 3 dots menu and select “Edit message”. Only the message content can be changed and you must mark the checkbox to “Change to custom email content for this recipient” before the fields will be open for editing. This action will only apply your message content changes to this invitation and once customised any changes to the source template content will not affect this invitation. You should update the source message template if you want your changes to the message content to be applied to all invitations using the same message, see this article for more details on updating message templates.

The schedule cannot be changed without changing the source template, although you can override the schedule and force a message to be sent immediately. This is done from the message schedule screen, there is a “Send now” option in the 3 dots menu for any messages not yet sent.

Removing Messages

Messages not yet sent out can be removed from the schedule for this invitation. Use the “Remove message” option found in the 3 dots menu for the message and click Submit.

Adding New Messages

New messages can be added to this invitation using the “Add Email Message” and “Add SMS Message” buttons. If you have any message templates with a send criteria of “On Demand”, they will appear in the dropdown list, or you can add a custom message. Complete the new message form and click “Submit”.

Message Statuses

Pending – a newly created message, this status will changed to Ready as soon as you click Submit. Ready – message is scheduled to send out. The message sending timer runs every 60 seconds. Sent – message has already been sent out and will have view access only, you can’t edit messages already sent. Error – an attempt was made to send the message but an error occurred. Contact support for assistance. 

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