How to embed a guidebook preview on your website

4 min. readlast update: 11.02.2023

In this article we will show you how to create a guidebook preview for your website. Follow these steps to showcase a sneak peek of your guidebook to potential guests to help encourage bookings and show off your guide content without having to recreate it on your website.

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1 . First, decide which sections of your guide you want to include in the preview. To do this, unlock the Categories, Subcategories or Topics you want to display on your website. Leave all of the others locked. This means you only show parts of your guide you want to share and keep the rest hidden. An example of content you might want to keep hidden is your door lock codes.

  • To lock or unlock a Category or Subcategory, click the 3 dots to the right of the Category or Subcategory title and change the access level.
  • To lock or unlock a Topic, click the lock icon to the right of the Topic box. If the lock icon is black it means the Topic is locked. If the lock icon is transparent then the Topic is open.

2 . Next, you need to get your guidebook link. There are two different ways to do this:

Option 1: If you have no sections of your guide locked or limited you can use the Quick Share link. This means your preview will show all of your guidebook content.

Option 2: If you want to limit the sections of the guide that you share so they remain private, you will need to create an Invitation link in Memo

For option 1: Go to the Guides page, click on the name of the guide you want to embed, choose the 'Invite & Share' tab and then click the copy icon next to your unique guidebook link.


For option 2: Go to the Memo tab, click on Invite by Link to create your limited access guidebook link. Choose the guide, add your name to the First Name box and set an Arrival date and departure date many years into the future. Set the Lead Time to 'No'. Click Save and then copy the link that pops up.


3 . On your website, create an iFrame. This can be done in different ways depending in your website design and provider. For example with Wordpress you can download and activate the Wordpress iFrames plugin. Reach out to your website provider for instructions on how to add an iFrame.

4 . Once you know how to add an iFrame based on your website provider and page design, you will be able to paste in the Quick Share link or Invitation Link you copied from your guidebook earlier using HTML, Text or Shortcode content module. An example of what this looks like using Wordpress can be seen below: [iframe width=“100%” height=“600” src=“paste-the-Quick Share- link-here”].

You may have to adapt this based on the website provider you are using. Reach out to your website provider for instructions on how to do this.


And that's it! Above is an example of what the embedded guidebook preview looks like on the website of our friends at Sea View Cottage


  • Not all web browsers support iFrames, so not all visitors to your site will see your limited guidebook preview
  • If you change the locked/unlocked sections of your guide in the future, that will change what is displayed in the iFrame on your website. If you want to keep some things hidden in your guide for the limited preview but not for guests using the guide, you might need a second guidebook to implement this type of speak peek
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