How to set the Cover Photo

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The cover photo sits as the background image on the Home tab of your guide.

To update this image go to the Guide Details tab (click on the guide name on the Guides list page). You can set your own cover image at the top, by either choosing an image already uploaded or adding a new one.

Images must be in either .jpg or .png format and have minimum size requirements depending on whether they’re a desktop cover photo or a mobile cover photo.

Desktop Cover Photo

The only essential one is the desktop cover photo. This needs to be landscape in orientation and a minimum size of 1920 px wide. If you only add a desktop cover photo then when your guide is viewed from a mobile device, the central portion of the desktop cover photo will be used.

Mobile Cover Photo

If you would prefer to set a specific image for when your guide is viewed in portrait orientation from a mobile device (e.g. because you don’t like the automatic cropping of your desktop cover photo) then you can set a specific mobile cover photo.

This needs to be in portrait orientation and a minimum size of 1080 px high.

Note that in the photo selection screen for Cover Photos the above restrictions will be applied to uploaded images. Only those images that match the size and orientation requirements will be available for selection from the ‘All Photos’ menu

For more general information about photo format and size requirements, head over to this article.

Want to Use Your Airbnb Lead Photo?

If you’d like your Airbnb lead photo (or any Airbnb photo) to be your cover photo, there’s an easy way…

  1. Click ‘Edit Desktop Photo’ on the guidebook you want to add a cover to
  2. Choose ‘New photo from URL’
  3. On the Airbnb listing, right click on the image you want to use and select ‘copy image address’
  4. Paste that image address (the URL) into the box that appears in step 2
  5. Now a small quirk… at the end of the URL in the box you’ll see w=1200 (it might be w= another number). Change it to w=1920
  6. Click ‘Submit’

Why do you have to change it to w=1920? Simply because our minimum size is a width of 1920px so this little hack will ensure it works!

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