Photo format and size requirements

2 min. readlast update: 04.28.2024

You can upload .png or .jpeg images from your computer’s hard drive or any location on the internet, such as your own website. After upload, you can crop or rotate the image, see this article for more details.

You can use your photos in various locations of your guidebook:

  • A cover photo – this will display on the Home tab of your guide when guests open it. You can choose to upload different photos for the desktop and mobile views of your guide. If you choose to only upload a desktop version, then the central strip of this photo will be displayed in mobile view.
  • Topic media – each topic in your guidebook gives you the option of uploading a photo or video, which then appears at the top of the topic.
  • In-line images – you can also insert images throughout a topic.

Cover photo (desktop)

Desktop cover photos must be landscape orientation and at least 1920px in width. Ideally, they’ll be around 1080px in height.

Cover photo (mobile)

Mobile cover photos must be portrait orientation and at least 1080 px in height.

Images used in Topics

For images used in topics, the minimum dimensions are 500×334 px. All images must be under 20MB in size.

As part of our terms of contract you are required to obtain the appropriate rights/release to use any photo that you do not own or currently have the rights to use. We will accept no liability arising out of a situation in which you have failed to obtain the appropriate rights/release.

We may compress the images you upload to ensure your welcome book will load quickly on mobile devices, so if you are viewing from a desktop monitor they may not be as sharp as the original image but this is to improve the mobile guest experience.

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