How To Share Your Guide With Guests

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There are 2 primary ways you can share your Touch Stay guide with your users/guests. The first, and simplest, is to use the Quick Share link which provides full and unrestricted access to your guide to anyone with that link. You can then simply add this link to your existing communication workflow such as emails or message templates for use in Airbnb, VRBO etc.

The second method is to create individual invitation links for each guest, this then allows greater control over the link, such as hiding parts until just before a person’s reservation begins or having the link expire when they leave. We can also track when these individual links are accessed. You can have Touch Stay send out these links via email or SMS by using our Memo messaging system, or just create a stand alone link for you to share through your favourite communication service (e.g. WhatsApp, your own email or cell phone SMS).

We also integrate with some Property Management Systems to automate the invitation process, check out the Integrations tab on your Account page for further details on those.

The Quick Share Link

The Quick Share link can be found at the top of the “Invite & Share” tab of each Guide page (click on the the guide name from the Guides list page). Simply copy this link and use wherever you want, such as in your message templates, on your website or create QR codes to place on the fridge of your rental (we have a Canva template you may find useful here).

The Quick Share Link gives full and unrestricted access to your guide and can be easily shared with anyone else. For this reason we wouldn’t recommend adding access codes to your Touch Stay guide if you plan to use the Quick Share link. If you do have a coded access system then simply explain how to use the code in Touch Stay but send the code itself separately (Airbnb message, SMS etc).

If you think you may ever want to refresh your generic link, such as once a season, then it would be best not to use the Quick Share link but create an “Invitation by Link” instead. See this Knowledge Base article for more details on that.

Invitation Links

The invitation process allows you to create individual links for each user/guest. These links can be set to expire when the reservation ends and you can also limit sections (such as access codes) until shortly before the reservation begins.

You can share these links in two different ways:

  • Create a unique link to paste into your existing guest messages
  • Share the link using Touch Stay Memo, which allows you to schedule unlimited email and SMS messages containing your invitation link

If you want to send the links via Touch Stay Memo, then you’ll need to first create some message templates. Check out the Memo help articles for more details on using Touch Stay’s guest notification tool.

To create stand-alone links, click on the guide name from the Guides list page and then head to the “Invite & Share” tab. Use the “Invite by Link” option found on this tab. After completing the details for the invitation and clicking Submit, it will ask if you want to copy the new link. If you want to copy it again later on, you can do so through the 3 dots menu. You can then paste this link into any communication with this specific guest.

To limit access to parts of your guide, you will need to set the “Access Level” for topics in Content Hub and choose a suitable “Lead Time” when creating the invitations, see this article for further details.

How to see if a specific person has viewed your guide.

You can search for a person’s name in the Invitation tables found on Memo or the “Invite and Share” tab of your guide page. Enter the person’s name into the “Search” bar in the top right corner of the Invitations table. This will show you the information related to that particular person, including how many times they have viewed their guide. Find out more about how to track views of your guide in this article.

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