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Language support options explained

The default guide language is English. BUT… we do offer 2 methods for uploading content in different languages:

1. Google Translate:

Once enabled this will give your guests the ability to choose a language and have Google translate the guide from your English content into their chosen language for them. To activate this for your account, go to the Settings tab of the Account page and choose the “Google Translate” option from the Language section.

Once activated, there will be a globe icon on the guest view HOME tab to choose the language for the guide to be translated into.

2. Your Own Translation:

You can create your guide in other languages by entering your own translation for the text. Currently we support Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Greek, Welsh, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Bulgarian and Romanian. We automatically handle the translation of navigation elements, such as the “Get Started” button and map tab filters. You just need to translate your content. Unfortunately there is no robot or machine that can do that perfectly!

Check out this Knowledge Base article for details on how to manually add additional languages to your account.

If you would like a language that we don’t currently support then please send us a support message with your request.