Sharing your guidebook link using OwnerRez and Airbnb

3 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Touch Stay is integrated with OwnerRez. This means that we can import your properties from OwnerRez and automatically send guidebook invitations to your confirmed bookings.

If most of your guests book direct, and you primarily communicate via their personal mobile number and email address, then this process is fairly simple. All you need to do is set up the OwnerRez integration from your Touch Stay account.

Alternatively, if most of your guests book through Airbnb, there are five different ways you can choose to share your guidebook link.

(A quick reminder: your guidebook’s Quick Share link allows unlimited access at any time, whereas guest-specific Invite links limit when visitors gain/lose access to information in your guidebook. Below, options 1-2 allow you to share a Quick Share link, whereas options 3-5 give you the option of sharing a guest-specific Invite link.)

Sharing your link via the Airbnb messaging platform

These first three options deliver your guidebook link to guests through the Airbnb messaging platform.

1. Use Airbnb scheduled messages

Schedule a message on the Airbnb platform to go out to all your guests, and include the Quick Share link to your Touch Stay digital guidebook in it. Check out this Airbnb help article explaining how to do it.

2. Use OwnerRez to trigger Airbnb messages – Quick Share link

Create a message template in OwnerRez that includes the Touch Stay Quick Share link. Then create a trigger to send the message on the Airbnb platform.

3. Use OwnerRez to trigger Airbnb messages – guest-specific Invite link

Alternatively, Touch Stay can automatically send a guest-specific Invite link to OwnerRez for each new booking you receive. OwnerRez will then include the correct link in messages it sends via the Airbnb platform. This allows you to keep your communications on the Airbnb messaging platform, whilst still controlling guests’ access to the information in your guidebook.

For detailed instructions about how to share these links with OwnerRez, read this article.

Sending your link directly to guests’ email addresses & mobile numbers

These next options use guest contact information sourced from Airbnb, but don’t send messages on the Airbnb messaging platform.

4. Use the Airbnb masked email

In order to access a masked email address for your guests, you will first have to switch to Professional Tools in your Airbnb account.

Airbnb will then pass a masked email address to you on OwnerRez (and show it in the Airbnb dashboard). You can send your Touch Stay link to this email after the guest has booked, through OwnerRez, your own email, or Touch Stay’s Memo.

The Touch Stay & OwnerRez integration doesn’t currently allow Touch Stay to trigger messages directly from the Airbnb messaging platform. Instead:

  • Airbnb sends the masked email to OwnerRez
  • OwnerRez sends the masked email to Touch Stay
  • Touch Stay then sends a Memo email to the masked email
  • This email goes to the guest’s email inbox and NOT the Airbnb message platform

5. Use Touch Stay Memo with SMS

If you have OwnerRez integrated with Airbnb, then Airbnb will send you the guest phone number. If you have OwnerRez integrated with Touch Stay, then OwnerRez will send the guest phone number to Touch Stay. You can then use Memo to schedule text messages to go to the guest.

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