Adding a New Guide with Multiple Templates

1 min. readlast update: 06.19.2024

With Touch Stay it’s really easy to create different templates of content and apply them to different guides. This is useful when you have properties that are in different locations and need different local area guides. Or maybe you have several units in a single apartment building or complex and want a template of content about that building or complex. Once your templates are set up, then adding new guides and applying the templates to them is quick and easy.

This step-by-step tutorial video runs through how to set up your account if your properties/guides are quite different and you’ll need more than one template of content.

It would be best to have this video running in a separate tab or window and then you can pause the steps whilst you follow in your own account. You can increase the quality of the video using the settings wheel at the bottom right of the player.

If you’d prefer to just read yourself, then the answer is to use Tags to create the templates. You can then customise those templates using Custom Content and Visibility Overrides, see the following articles for details:



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