Can I change my Quick Share link?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The short answer is no, the Quick Share link is fixed and cannot be changed. However, depending on why you want to change it, there are alternatives available.

If you want the link to be something a little easier on the eye, then see this article about creating branded links.

If you want the convenience of the Quick Share link but need the flexibility to change it (e.g. once a season) then you can create an invitation link to use instead. These are the steps to follow:

Go to the “Invite & Share” tab of your Guide page (click on the guide name from the Guides list page) and use the “Invite By Link” button


Enter a ‘First name’ such as “Generic Link” and then an Arrival Date of today, an End Date way into the future and leave the Lead Time as “Unlimited”. 


When you click Submit, it will ask if you want to copy the new link, you can do that or simply copy it again later through the 3 dots menu.

Use this link the same as you would the Quick Share link by adding to your standard message templates. But if you ever want to replace it, then you simply create a fresh link using the same process as above and delete your old one using the option in the 3 dots menu.


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