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First Quick Steps

OK, what to do first? 🤔

These 4 steps will get you moving. The first 3 steps are about easy ways to personalise your guidebook. Step 4 will be the introduction to adding content and will likely be where you spend most of your time. Don’t feel you have to create the perfect guidebook right from the start, just be sure to get the essentials done and then you can refine and add to your content over time.

For a more detailed walkthrough, read our 10 essential steps to get a basic guidebook live.

Step #1: Add your own cover photo

Click on Guides in the top menu bar of your account, click on your guide name and then at the top of the Guide Details tab is the Cover Photos section. Upload your hero shot and job done!

Step #2: Add your contact details and avatar or logo

Click on the “Account” page from the top menu bar. Open the “Edit Profile” option.

Update your contact details so guests know how to reach you. Then add your logo (or photo of yourself) to display on the front of your guide.

Step #3: Branding

Select your own fonts and colours from the Guide Details tab (same place you updated the Cover Photo). Underneath the “Guide / Property Address & Location” is the “Customise Colours & Fonts” section.

Tip! You can use the “Home tab overlay” setting to darken your cover page photo. It’ll make the white writing “pop” more. Choose a transparency level in the dropdown from 0% (totally transparent) to 100% (opaque). Usually a setting between 20%-40% is a good balance.

Step #4: Content & photos

Speed to the 1.22 mark on the Getting Started video below to see how to add your own content and photos, including adding Google Places instead of having to add things manually!

Alternatively, if you prefer written instructions, then check out these articles for further guidance on adding and editing content: