How do I adjust the map zoom level?

1 min. readlast update: 03.06.2024

The map zoom level will adjust dynamically depending on the distribution of pins on the map. Until you start adding local recommendations, it may seem the zoom level is much too high but as soon as you add some other pins then it will change to include some of those pins too.

The easiest way to start adding all the great local places to your guide is by using the Google Places feature, see this article for further details.

If you’ve added some map pins but you still find the zoom level is not to your liking, then you can manually adjust the zoom level to a fixed value. Use the [icon] option found in the “Guide / Property Address & Location” section of the Guide Details tab (click on your guide name on the Guides page). Uncheck the option to use dynamic zoom level and then adjust the map preview to show the area you would like to include on your guide’s map tab. The map preview is shaped for a mobile device, when your map tab is viewed using a laptop we’ll simply extend the map east and west to fill the screen.

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