The Lead Time explained

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The Lead Time is set when creating invitations and works in conjunction with the Access Level of your topics, it determines the amount of time prior to the Arrival Date that your invited guests will have full access to your guide. If you are happy for your guests to have full access as soon as you share the link with them, then you only need to set the Lead Time as Unlimited (which is the default) and do not need to worry about Access Levels at all.

If you would like to hide certain parts of your book until a later time, then you will need to update the Access Levels of your topics in Content Hub. Any topics you are happy to be visible immediately you should set to Unlimited Access, and those you want hidden you should set to Limited Access. The Lead Time determines the amount of time before the Arrival Date set on the invitation that the Limited Access topics will become visible.

For example, you set the Arrival Date to be the 10th March and a Lead Time of 2 days. When you first send the invitation, only the topics set to Unlimited Access will be visible but then on 8th March the Limited Access topics will also become available. A Lead Time of “No” will only grant full access on the Arrival Date, whilst “Unlimited” will give immediate access as soon as they have been invited.

You set the lead time on each invitation when completing the required fields.

You can choose a default Lead Time in the “Invitation settings” option found on the Memo page: 


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