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Guide Book Essentials

⏲ Short on time but want to be sure you’re not missing anything crucial from your guide? Run through this checklist of top 10 essentials. If you really want to get going speedily, check out these 4 quick steps to get your guide started.

1. How to contact you 📧

Head to the Account page and update your Profile settings to include your contact details (these will display on the cover of your guide).

2. Add a cover photo   

Upload your place’s hero shot to the Guide Details tab (click on your guide name in the Guides list page), see this article for further details.

3. How to find your place 🏠

Your map tab will show your place location and have a “Get directions” link, check your Preview to be sure your location map is correct. Here’s how to update if it’s not.

4. How to access your place 🔑

Be sure to update, or add, the topics you need to explain to your guests what they need to do for a stress free arrival. See the Quick Start video from 01:22 for a full explanation of adding and editing content in Content Hub.

5. How to connect to the WiFi 📶

Once again, simply update the topic in Content Hub, this time with your WiFi network ID and password. 

6. Any essential appliance instructions 📺

If there any appliances, such as in the kitchen or a hot tub, that need some explanation for their safe use, then be sure to update the relevant topics in Content Hub. 

7. Top 5 local restaurants 🥣

In Content Hub, scroll down to the Local Area Guide/Places We Love section and use the Add Topic button in the Restaurants section. Select the Google Place option and you’ll have these added in no time! 

8. Top 5 things to do 📍 

Once again, simply use the Google Places feature in the relevant Subcategory of your local area section. 

9. Nearest grocery store 🛒

You’ve guessed it, the Google Places feature is the quickest way to add this! 

10. Delete or hide topics you don’t need 🗑

The Content Hub template has lots of topics with prefilled text to help get you started but not all of it may be relevant, or maybe you don’t have time to review and update it all at first. You can delete any topics you don’t need (use the 3 dots menu for that topic in Content Hub) or hide topics from the guest view temporarily, see this article for further details on that. You can change the order of any sections using the drag and drop icons on the left of Content Hub, see this article for a more detailed explanation. 


Don’t worry about it being perfect for your first guests who use it, you can always add to your guide later and improve your content over time. This is the beauty of an online product that you can instantly update whenever you want, safe in the knowledge that your existing guests will get the latest info.

Need some inspiration?

Check out our example guides page for more inspiration but remember you don’t have to create a masterpiece right from the start! Get the above essentials completed, start sharing with your guests and then you can add to your guide as you free up time answering fewer questions from your guests.