Does Touch Stay integrate with my property management system (aka PMS or PMC)?

3 min. readlast update: 04.04.2024

We integrate with the following PMS or booking systems:

Don't see you PMS or booking system here? Don't worry, you can still deliver a great guest experence AND be efficient. Here's how:

1. Automate the sending of your Touch Stay Guidebooks

You can insert a Quick Share link to the relevant guidebook into your PMS or bookings system automated communications tool. Guests will receive the link in scheduled emails that the PMS or booking system already manages for you. 

It’s a really easy way of ensuring that your guests get the right info, about the right property, at the right time, without you having to manually share your guidebook for each new booking.

Most PMS have a custom field (or any field you don’t currently use) in the property record. Add the guidebook link to that field. That will then enable you to reference the field in your automated emails or texts that go out directly from your PMS. Think of it like any other email or SMS that you might send from your PMS: create it once and the system is then on auto-pilot.

2. Bring your property inventory into Touch Stay without an integration

If you’re a property manager, we offer a set up and onboarding service for no extra fee. We upload all your property names and addresses from an Excel or csv file that you send us. It’s a simple process that takes very little time.

When you need to add a new property guidebook you simply add the name and address, then link it to your existing Touch Stay templates. All your basic guide information will already be populated including your contact details, your branding, restaurant recommendations, check-in time, access instructions, check-out time, check-out process, rules - it's automatically created for you.

3. Storing your property lock codes

We suggest that you continue to send your lock codes to guests as you normally do. Then simply use the Touch Stay guidebook to explain to the guest how they’ll receive their code, what to do with it, how to operate the keypad, etc. For example, wording like this:

We will provide you with the key code 24 hours before arrival. You will receive it via SMS. Please ensure you have the code before you travel. If not, please contact us. There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere new (potentially at night) and not being able to get in! In addition please refer to the video above for how to operate the keypad with your code. 

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