Touch Stay Feature Releases

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This article lists the new features released for the Touch Stay platform and includes links to any relevant support articles about those features.

April 2024

  • Ability for Guesty Pro to match sub-units to Touch Stay guides.
  • Ability to create Guide level data mapping for Guesty Pro, Escapia & Streamline.
  • Memo templates can now be scheduled based on invitation creation date.

March 2024

  • Guesty Lite integration released. Learn more
  • Data Dashboard released.
  • 10 new types of Custom Elements added. Learn more

February 2024

  • Airbnb integration, powered by Hospitable Connect, released. Learn more
  • Reorganisation of integrations into a new page with more intuitive tabs.
  • Single sign-on option for Google and Facebook released.

January 2024

  • Search function added to Category icon choice.
  • Ability to choose columns displayed on Guides page and Invitations.
  • Upgraded front-end framework for improved reliability and performance.

December 2023 

  • Ability to add additional users to help manage your account. Learn more
  • Custom Elements feature released to support embedding third party tools in your guide. With Custom Elements your Touch Stay guidebook becomes the central tool for you to showcase your property, upsell guest services and streamline business operations. Learn more.
  • Guest feedback popup released. Gather guest sentiment and see how much your guests enjoy using your guidebooks. Learn more 
  • 20 new Category icons added.

November 2023 

  • Integration performance improvements 

October 2023 

  • Track integration released
  • New map pin icons added. See how to add Google Places to your map here
  • Guesty door lock manager now included in the Guesty for Pros integration. Learn more


September 2023 


August 2023

  • Upgraded integration processing


July 2023 

Read about all of our most recent releases in the Summer Product Update


June 2023

  • Touch Stay Helper released 


May 2023


April 2023

  • Enhancements to integrations to improve guide match & import performance 
  • Enhancements to integrations for improve phone number handling
  • New Knowledge Base released


March 2023


February 2023


January 2023


December 2022


November 2022


October 2022


September 2022

  • Field codes added to guide content
  • Server infrastructure upgraded


August 2022

July 2022

  • Memo is mobile optimised
  • Guest View: Share option added to Info tab
  • Fixed bold font handling on Chrome for Mac

June 2022

May 2022

March 2022

  • Guest View: Contact email & phone icons and logo added to Info tab
  • Guest View: Improved uncommon browser detection and alerts

February 2022

January 2022

  • Guest View: Users can see their current location on map tab of guide
  • Added new user tours and refreshed Getting Started page

December 2021

  • Square logos now have an optional circular border
  • Guest View: Improvements to the mobile navigation

November 2021

October 2021

September 2021

  • Travel Association accounts upgraded to new version
  • Guest View: Improvements to the desktop navigation
  • Guest View: Improvements to non-standard mobile browser recognition

August 2021

  • New starter template options
  • New subscription options for different templates

July 2021

  • Improvements to the PWA handling on iOS
  • Additional guidance when adding multiple guides
  • Added a further 20 map pin style icons

June 2021

May 2021

  • Migration of Welcome Section into Content Hub
  • Add a QR Code to cover page of PDF
  • Create QR Code for your Quick Share links
  • Guest View: Users can now Expand/Collapse All in the topics list
  • Guest View: When clicking on a Category in the grid menu, those with a single Subcategory bypass the Subcategory menu and take you directly to the topics
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad) is now supported for drag and drop in Content Hub
  • Guide Content load speed improvements

April 2021

  • Content Hub load speed improvements
  • Guide Content adding and editing of content performance improvements
  • Content Hub adding and editing of content performance improvements

March 2021

  • The brand new Touch Stay Portal is launched!
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